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Google is paying more attention to links, so both must be done together to make the site more loyal to the search engine. First, lets talk about the inner chain...

Google is paying more attention to links, so both must be done together to make the site more loyal to the search engine.
First, let's talk about the inner chain.
Many webmasters and webmasters are desperately doing external links. In fact, external links are more restricted, and internal links are in the middle of grasping. This time, you advocate that you first optimize the links in the site and then do external links. The knife does not mistake the woodworker. Let's talk about the link optimization content in the site.
1. Do a good job on the website map and put it on the website and submit it to the search engine.
Sitemap is a very important part. Because the search engine spider can reach any position on the map through the site map, you only need to do a good job on the site map to enable the spider to quickly crawl the site and save time. This is the search engine. I am very willing to see, can save the search engine a lot of time and resources. It also advocates that the webmaster puts the site map on the website homepage so that both the user and the search engine can easily find it. Also submit the site map to the search engine so that it can find the link updates in time and enter the site page in time.
2, reduce the depth of the website article link
Regarding small websites, the deeper the article link is buried, the less it is simply discovered by users. In fact, the search engine and the person are the same. The deeper you bury, the less you are simply found by the search engine, so you don’t even want to be entered, indexed, Ranked, so it is best to make the article appear on the homepage of the website, perhaps more easily found. For example, the excellent wealth website can click the website homepage 3 times to see the final article page.
3, the article keyword description text
When writing an article, the keyword can create a text, so the search engine will think that the word is more important, and then through the word and then grab the page, so the search engine will give the word a higher degree of attention, the word Will increase the chance of ranking.
4, do not rank page add noffllow tag
The website homepage links that do not participate in the ranking can add noffllow, which can save the weight of the website homepage, avoid unnecessary loss of the homepage weight, and promote the ranking of the website keywords. In fact, there are two major ways to add weight to the website homepage. Open source, the other is savings, adding noffllow tags even saves.
5, channel page, content page mutually establish a link
Nowadays, many websites use a tree structure. The websites of the tree structure do not have links to each other. The link of the tree structure website should do this. A link between the channel page and the channel page is established, and the same channel page is Articles are linked, articles on different channels are minimized, and links can be made if there is a demand. This depends on individual needs.
Pay attention to the optimization skills within and outside the website, and optimize the results.
The picture above shows the optimization skills inside and outside the station.
Second, how to optimize the off-site link
1, add friend chain depth
It is of course the friend chain of the high-weight website homepage mentioned by the people who change the friend chain. In fact, this is only a part of the friend chain. The friendship link is not limited to the website homepage. The channel page and content page of the website can be done, deepening. The more comprehensive the internals of the website, the best time to make a friend link.
2. External network submission
The biggest problem in doing the outer chain is the uncontrollability. Since other webmasters don't necessarily know you, if you have a link in the article you sent, it will not be easy to display. It is beneficial to have all the disadvantages, since the link is published on the external network. Difficulties, if the link function is better than the simple release of the link, the search engine will give the link a higher weight and importance.
3, external posts
If you are a small website or you don't have enough resources to add links to your website, you can go to other forums, blogs, and post bars to post articles with links to your own website. This method is quicker and more convenient, but it doesn't work. Well, especially Baidu Post Bar is now simply deleted, and some forums are not allowed to take the chain.
4, Baidu knows, knows, Sogou asks questions and other channels
In order to establish external links, you can go to Baidu to know, know, search, ask questions, ask questions, and send external links. The weights of these channels that are directly related to the search engine are relatively high, and the rankings are compared with the average website. In the first place, this greatly increases the exposure and pageview of the website. It is a very good way to establish an external chain. However, this method should use the softest questioning method, or else it can be deleted.
Third, the role of station and station optimization
In the past, Youben Fortune Xiaobian has now shared how to perform in-site and off-site optimization. What kind of role can it be achieved? In fact, the effect is still quite significant. After optimization of internal and external links, it is possible to add a search engine spider to discover the website and The chances of entering a website page, more imports can make the search engine more and more simple to find your page. It also optimizes the user experience. When the experience of your website is good, the number of visits to the website will naturally increase, and the weight of the website will be further improved with your link optimization.

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