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InMotion Hosting has data centers in the East (Washington) and West (Los Angeles). Users who purchase a business virtual host or VPS are free to choose a data c...

InMotion Hosting has data centers in the East (Washington) and West (Los Angeles). Users who purchase a business virtual host or VPS are free to choose a data center. InmotionHosting provides a rare 90-day guarantee period for ultra-long refunds in the mainframe space industry.
InMotion Hosting Products and Functions
InMotion Hosting is not a Cheap Host in the market. Although it has a series of value-added virtual hosts, InMotion Hosting's products are mainly commercial virtual hosts (Launch, Power, Pro), VPS hosts and exclusive hosts. InMotion Hosting Virtual Host Function:
Real InMotion Hosting User Evaluation
At present, 12 comments have been received from real InMotion Hosting users. The 100% recommendation rate and a single score above 4 indicate that the performance of the InMotion Hosting host is indeed worth recommending. In many user reviews, we can find that users have high comments on InMotion Hosting technology support and customer service. It seems that in addition to speed, InMotion Hosting's customer service is another selling point.
Our suggestions
InMotion Hosting is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprise users, so its host product has higher specifications of function and stability, but the price of InMotion Hosting virtual host is very suitable for personal users. If you want to create Magento e-commerce website or other large-volume file sharing and forum websites, it is recommended to choose InMotion Hosting VPS host. Domestic users should try to choose InMotion Hosting data center on the West Coast of the United States, much faster.
Infinite hard disk space, infinite traffic;
Up to 25 websites and unlimited number of domain names are supported.
Free domain name;
Give away $100 in Google Advertising Points and $50 in Twitter Advertising Points.
Supports up to 200 MySQL databases;
The number of FTP accounts is unlimited.
Free control panel cPanel;
More than 280 one-click installation applications;
Giving website construction tools;
InMotion Hosting's VPS host is very powerful. It can support up to 10 independent IP, SSH access, unlimited number of domain names and websites, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited FTP, mailbox, independent cPanel secondary account, free configuration, etc. The InMotion Hosting exclusive host can provide almost any high-specification configuration that users expect.
Evaluation of InMotion Hosting Stability and Domestic Access Speed
Stability Analysis of InMotion Hosting
In Motion Hosting, all servers are equipped with N+2 or N+1 battery and diesel generator power supply standby system, which is installed on BG4P network. All servers with N+1 configuration are RAID 5 to prevent hardware failure. In Motion Hosting, all servers are backed up every 24 to 36 hours, and the unique Proactive System Management Tool monitors the network system all day, guaranteeing 99.9% availability. The test data of the monitoring tool for the website of the host review network show that the stable operation rate of the InMotion Hosting host in the past month is 99.45%. InMotion Hosting Stability
InMotion Hosting Domestic Access Speed
Using the performance monitoring tool of the host comment website, we test the access speed on the 10M line of Shanghai Telecom with WordPress framework as an example: InMotion Hosting speed can be seen from the data in the table that InMotion Hosting host takes fast access as its selling point, and the loading time of web pages under different concurrent quantities is less than one second. You can also refer to the website hosted by other webmasters on their virtual hosts on the InMotion Hosting comment page to experience the speed of InMotion Hosting access for yourself.
InMotion Hosting Operability
InMotion Hosting provides free cPanel control panels for all host users. CPanel provides almost all the functions needed for host management, including Webmail, mailbox settings, FTP login information, DNS configuration, website logs, domain name management, etc. Specific use can be found in the cPanel tutorial. InMotion Hosting's VPS hosts and exclusive hosts also provide WHM free of charge for multi-user management. InMotion Hosting also provides an Account Management Panel through different login interfaces, which provides users with multi-domain name management tools. A single account login can modify the host type or access billing information.
InMotion Hosting Customer Service and Technical Support
InMotion Hosting has many hosting tutorials on its website. All technical support staff are native American employees. They provide technical support services to InMotion Hosting customers worldwide through email, online chat and telephone, all of which are free of charge.
InMotion Hosting Product Price
Although InMotion Hosting is not positioned in the parity host market, its price is still very competitive compared with its peers. Here are the prices of three InMotion Hosting schemes: > InMotion Hosting cost-effective note: Pro scheme can be paid monthly, but new users need to pay an additional $40 for hosting setup. InMotion Hosting mainly uses credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Americacan Express).
InMotion Hosting Refund Regulation
InMotion Hosting does not offer free use, but offers two refund schemes. The first is for business hosts or VPS hosts for 6 to 12 months, with a guarantee period of 90 days; the second is for monthly payment schemes, exclusive hosts for 6 or 12 months, and value-added hosts, with a shorter guarantee period of 30 days.

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